Ultraloq Combo Two-Point Smart Lock


Ultraloq Combo is a revolutionary smart lock that offers entry via biometric fingerprint identification, contactless key fob, or your Bluetooth enabled smartphone. With 2-Point locking and One-Touch-Unlocking feature, it brings security and simplicity together. The Bridge upgrade allows you to share an eKey with guests while you’re away from your home and monitor all activity via the iOS or Android app.

Technical specification

Two-Point Locking: It features two-point locking – one on the deadbolt and one on the handle, That keeps your home twice as secure.

One Touch Unlocking: The fingerprint sensor is thoughtfully positioned to accompany your natural hand positions. With our patented technology one seamless action allows you to wake the sensor, read your fingerprint and unlock two locks. It works in the same way if you use smartphone or key fob to unlock.

Single Motion Exit: Automatically unlocks when the interior lever is turned down. This feature can also be disabled if you have a big dog.

Quick Tap Entry: For those who don’t want to use smartphone or fingerprint, UL1 can be unlocked with a contactless key fob. Once you present the key fob in the vicinity of handle, the door will instantly unlock. Ideal for kids and the elderly.

Share Ekey: Grant access for specific dates or times.

Keyless Entry: Ultraloq App enables you to unlock your door with your smartphone.

Manage Users: Knows who has the access to your lock and how. Add or delete users any time you want.

Log Record: You can see a Log of who’s entered and exactly when they did from your smartphone.

Go Remote Instantly with Bridge: Control entry access to your door from anywhere, for anyone with the optional Bridge. You can unlock your Ultraloq or grant access to guests and visitors via an eKey for specific dates or periods of time remotely with no monthly charges. You will receive a smartphone notification when someone opens your door.

Dual Battery System: To ensure that you’re never locked out because of a dead battery, the lever operates on a dual battery system as well as sends your phone warnings if the battery is low.

Up to 8,000 Times Access: Thank to Bluetooth 4.0’s ultra low power consumption technology, Ultraloq can be powered by four AA batteries with more than one year of battery life through regular use.

Match Your Home Aesthetic: Ultraloq Combo is thoughtfully crafted with style and functionality in mind. The handle looks clean and compact on any door with smooth surfaces, curved edges, and narrow size. While the main function of Combo is safety, we wanted to create a lock that brings usability, simplicity and elegance together.

DIY Installation: Ultraloq Combo is designed to fit any US standard door. The simple installation takes minutes and only few screws. No wiring and no drilling. The lever is reversible for both left handed and right handed doors.


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